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How to choose mortise door lock?

Mortise Door Lock Material Difference:

There are varieties of mortise door locks,how to choose a sutiable one?Speaking of mortise door lock material,it frequently has zinc alloy mortise door lock,aluminum mortise door lock,full brass mortise door lock,and steel mortise door lock.Normally quality and price ranks from lowest to highest are steel,aluminum,zinc alloy,stainless steel,full brass.


What kind of door lock suitable ?

Regarding choosing,we suggest you to choose door lock as per your local market.As we all know that it is a very necessary to do market research at the first begining:2lever or 3lever handle lock is the mostly used in south africa,steel plate and aluminum handle lock is for Pakistan,lever handle on rosset is mainly for turkey etc. Compare all materials,zinc alloy mortise door lock is quality good and price much commericial.Besides,zinc alloy material can be easily make plenty of surface treatments such as satin nikel(SN),antique brass(AB),satin gold(SG),chrome plated(CP) etc.Stainless steel door handle lock is made of 304 stainless steel or 201 stainless steel.304 stainless steel door handle is better than 201,which at performance of anti rust.304 stainless steel door handle is able to pass 24 or 48hours salt spray test and durable for 5years product warranty.Stainless steel surface treatment is usually steel brushed(SB) and PVD coated.

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