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Door Hardware for Exterior and Interior Doors

Door Hardware for Exterior and Interior Doors

Each doorway inside and outside of the house serves a particular function. With appropriate door components, doors operate smoothly and provide the security required in a variety of regions of the house. At times, the simple act of shifting out the door knobs can offer a door with a brand new, stylish update. If a doorway isn't functioning correctly, a fast change-out of door hardware and accessories may restore smooth functioning.


Door Levers

A lever layout functions by pushing down a lever to open the door. The plan may be easier on the hand compared to a conventional knob, which makes it a fantastic selection for anybody with limited dexterity because of arthritis or a different ailment.


Commercial Door Hardware

For business settings, it's vital to utilize heavy-duty hardware created for the greater use.


Closet & Pocket Door Hardware

Not all doors require traditional knobs or handles. Pocket doors offer a low-profile layout for tight spaces and are often utilized in bathrooms, pantries, and laundry rooms.


Door Hinges

They are available in a broad selection of styles and finishes, so which makes them simple to coordinate with all the overlying kind of this space.


Sliding Door Hardware

These entrance doors are great for adding privacy to your home office or master bath and need tracks and suitable hardware to guarantee smooth functioning.


Mortise Door Lock


A mortice lock is rebated within the doorway itself to provide a flush complete instead of being outside mounted, meaning that they are satisfied to operate with doors. This makes it difficult for intruders to induce open, and also a variety of security levels available using the greater amount of levers being the hardest for thieves to select, also readily available to comply with insurance requirements for entry doors.


Mortise locks are at which the lock set asks a pocket or"mortise" to be trimmed in the doorway to match a box such as cartridge to the width of the doorway. The mortise lock originated from Europe but is frequently seen in high end residential building in the U.S. Particular door prep is needed for the door to take a mortise lock and we also suggest that you hire an expert for this particular installment since it's very special and needs precision woodworking. If you aren't positive whether your doorway will take a mortise lock give us a call and we'll be delighted to affirm that his kind of lockset will function to your particular doors.



Interior Door Handle


Door handles are a vital household item letting you easily open and shut various kinds of door in the vicinity of the house. Most of us have different styles and preferences when it comes to home decor, therefore our selection of grips for doors is made up of a huge array of shapes, finishes and styles that will assist you make the ideal option. Swapping the doors manages in your home will help refresh the interior area without breaking the bank.


Door grips from Dehonglock are chosen to make sure that there is a complementary door deal to each internal and outside door accessible, such as a range of cabinet door handles also. From modern designs to more classic and traditional styles, we have got many different inner door handles for you. Every house is different and goals to reach a different appearance, so we've guaranteed there is a door handle available for every single property style.


As door furniture experts, in the Dehonglock we're pleased to supply a vast array of door handles. Our ranges are grouped by end, design and foundation material, which makes it effortless to get what you're seeking. You could even locate tailored product recommendations, and also contact with our staff for any information or suggestions you might want to finish your project.